Schleich | Playing figure Eldrador Blizzard bear with weapon - 42510

Schleich - Schleich | Speelfiguur Eldrador Blizzardbeer met wapen - 42510 - De Hartjesdief

Schleich | Playing figure Eldrador Blizzard bear with weapon - 42510

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Schleich offers a wide variety of plastic figures, with vibrant colors and an eye for detail. Figures with realistic details for educational play moments. Ideal open ended play. Goes nicely in the sandbox, with clay, with the way to play autobahns, etc. Let the adventure begin! - Detailed modeling. From the first sketch to the decoration of each figurine, Schleich pays close attention to every detail. - Educational value. Sleich toys stand for educationally valuable play, because they promote the creativity and independence of the child. - For 85 years, Schleich figures and playsets have provided fun for children all over the world. Bear strong and ice cold, that's the Blizzard bear from Schleich® Eldrador® Creatures. He has a slew of weapons to sweep invaders off the slippery ice. For starters, he's a master of camouflage. The polar bear has snow-white fur, which makes it completely immersed in the world of ice. He overruns his enemies without any warning. Those who don't quickly get out of their feet will get to know their flexible arms and find out that swerving is pointless. One of his mighty claws is completely made of ice and he only has to touch the opponent for a moment and he is frozen to death. Should an enemy ever escape, the Blizzard bear still has his secret weapon, the magical ice axe. With this, the bear can create a terrible storm of ice particles and blow the opponent away as if with an icy breath. It's pretty much pointless to attack the Blizzard bear because its chest armor can withstand any attack.

11 x 15.5 x 18 cm

Schleich is a German company that makes toy animals and plastic dolls. It was founded in 1935 by Friedrich Schleich. In the fifties he had started developing the Smurfs, Snoopy, The Muppet Show and many other characters. In the 1980s, Schleich began developing animal figures, such as farm animals, wild animals and dinosaurs. Schleich also made 'worlds', such as the world of the elves, the world of knights and the world of Indians.

For imitating animals, Schleich consults parents, children and biologists. The Schleich animal figures are true to life and to scale. They are painted by hand.